• Testimonials

  • After having dealt with anxiety previously, I have discovered that by and far the most helpful in slowing down the racing, cyclical and negative thoughts associated with and precluding panic attacks, were having a nonjudgmental person that was able to listen and comprehend the thoughts and emotions while also providing reason and intellect in solutions and responses. And that is what Cheryl did for me- she provided rationale, support and a lifeline that I could grab onto whenever I felt I was drifting away into my world of anxiety- with her being available day and night, my mind was set at ease. I knew, whatever happened, wherever I was, she would be on the other end of the line if I called. And I did call. I called in middle of the night while having a panic attack; she was there, I called while she was on vacation; she was there, I called during holidays and she was there. She made herself available to me whenever I needed her help and she would talk me through my anxiety with a calming pragmatic rationale and after being used to having her there through my most difficult times, even the sound of her voice became soothing- it was the voice of logic and of security. Flying had always been an aggregate for my anxiety and with her I was able to take my first flight in over four years. My world had begun to open up again. I no longer sought the comfort of proximity because I knew she would be wherever I was. I moved to New York City, started a new job, back-packed through Europe. Having previously dealt with panic disorder, I knew the residual effects and accompaniment anxiety that is left in its wake and I was able to stymie this due in large part to her guidance and practical assistance. I am not naive however, I know that anxiety can show up unexpectedly- and it does from time to time; however it is with far less frequency and intensity, and still to this day, I know that if I am ever caught up in the maelstrom of anxiety, that she would still be there should I need to call

    Bryan W.

  • Cheryl helped me during a very difficult time in my life after my husband left me with 5 children, and eventually divorced me. She supported me day by day when my life seemed very bleak, and she helped me take the steps to transition to a new life. She helped me so I could move forward. I am now happily remarried, and Cheryl still supports me to deal with the challenges with my children and step-children in a second marriage.

    Cait L

  • I was not happy and not sure of where I was going in life. Ceil helped me to realize what was important to me by having me to look at my values and strengths, and then using that information to move towards what brought me happiness. My happiness came from within me, not what I felt others expected from me. Ceil also helped me to focus on creating visions in my life. She helped me to develop a plan to start each day with positive thoughts. I realized through working with Ceil that I had all the answers within myself. I made much needed changes, and I now see life as an adventure. I know the direction in which I am headed, and it sure feels great!

    Beth. C

  • I was referred to Ceil because I felt stuck in a career that made me miserable, and I didn’t know how to change things. Ceil listened and helped me explore what was truly important in my life, helped me to look and question within myself, experience different perspectives, and then move forward with confidence and self-assurance. I am now employed in a new job where I am using my skills and talents. I am happy to get up in the morning and do what I love. Ceil helped me to jump out of my comfort zone and be the person I was meant to be.

    Rachael L.