• Telemedicine


    Telemedicine, which is doctors using online communication with patients to diagnose medical conditions, is taking the world by storm. Online and telephone counseling is part of that trend. Life coaches have effectively used the internet and phone to work with individuals, and now counselors/therapists are providing help through the internet and phone. The new age of communication by smart phone, computer and cell phones have fueled that trend, and working with professional counselors and coaches has become easy to access and affordable as well. Support is available when you need it, in your own environment without the stress and stigma going into an office to discuss personal issues. Not only is it easier, counseling online is equally or even more effective in the long term than traditional forms of counseling. Researchers from the University of Zurich have shown that:

    • Depression decreased 3% more with online therapy and decreased 15% more than traditional therapy, to 57%, after a three month interval
    • 97% of people who received online counseling were satisfied and felt supported by the therapeutic relationship


    With that in mind, individuals can feel comfortable online seeking support with issues such as:

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Struggles in school

    • Loss of a job

    • Post traumatic stress syndrome

    • Stuck in job or career

    • Struggles transitioning in life stages

     If you have unresolved issues holding you back, counseling can help your identify those issues to resolve them to move forward, and coaching can help from that point on. Coaching takes you from where you are now, looks at your values and strengths, and supports you to envision your dream life and move into action.

    In today's age of technology, individuals don't have to live a life with anxiety, depression,feelings of being stuck, or other issues that weigh you down and keep you from enjoying your life. Support can be privately, conveniently and quickly found online or by phone.